• alohomora

    The integrated solution for owner association and community management

Salient Features

For Homeowners

Homeowners can get a consolidated view of all their properties 

  • 01

    Pre-handover (under construction property)

    Homeowners can view construction updates and get notified on milestone updates etc. They can view due payments and receipts of payments done and can put in a service request to update payment dates, hold payments, extend dates etc
  • 02

    Update and manage family

    On handover of the property the homeowner can register and maintain family members, pets, domestic helps, vehicles, parking etc.
  • 03

    Manage and view documents

    Homeowners can manage, view and share all relevant documents with property and community management teams
  • 04

    Move-in & Move-out permissions

    Homeowners can inform the community office regarding a move in or a move out and seek necessary approvals. Homeowners can register guests and book guest parking if applicable
  • 05

    Community bookings

    Homeowners can book concierge services and request and manage amenity bookings
  • 06

    Consolidated view of payments

    Homeowners can see consolidated view of all due payments and view receipts of payments made to the community or developer
  • 07

    Facility Management

    Homeowners can manage and track maintenance service requests 
  • 08

    View community notices and requests

     Homeowners can view notices from community or property management team and can respond and communicate with them via alohomora. They can also submit suggestions and complaints
  • 09

    Re-sale of property

    Homeowners can request NOC from the community and inform necessary stakeholders regarding the change in ownership of their property

For Community / Property managers

alohomora provides an option to setup your community website to publish community details, activities, offers, notices etc. The property or community management team can choose from available pre-defined templates with an option to update logo and brand

  • 01

    Broadcast messages and documents

    Community or property managers can publish community architecture standards, rules and regulations. They can also broadcast messages to owners and community members
  • 02

    View and maintain contact list

    Community or property managers can list board members and important contacts and view community member contacts
  • 03

    Manage community website and messages

    Community or property managers can publish general body meeting minutes, newsletters, notices to the community or individual owners & community members

  • 04

    Violation notices & reminders

    Community and property managers can manage violation notices and penalty payments reminders
  • 05

    Track community satisfaction

    Community or property managers can view reports on open service and maintenance requests and see customer satisfaction reports

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